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SHRAPNEL by Jeffrey Littrell

my life, a whispered lullaby

I stood beside a ghost

who told me that inside of me

was what I feared the most

I used to look up at the stars

I believed they could be reached

I bought into the psycho-babble bullshit

that they preached

I had an air of confidence

and rarely was alone

my spirit was free, my eyes were clear

my heart was made of stone

I used to be a young man

with a future that was bright

now I’m left in restless solitude

imprisoned by the night



noble woman of grace

excuse my eccentricities

and forgive me for staring

in wonder at your splendor

your eyes are alive with a

White Zin sparkle

the timbre of your voice is like

an angel’s song of rapture

yellow hair cascading

over a bountiful bosom

the air

is electric

around you

HITCHING by Jeffrey Littrell


rain hit the blacktop

headlights from behind

a sister in a Lexus

was the ride I hoped to find


pancakes in a Friendlys

then Kush was in the air

she dropped me off south of Augusta

with a full eight hours to spare


they said my shower was ready

I put the Chronicle back in the rack

cleaned up, sat in a Dennys

at a table in the back


speed freak in a Wal-Mart truck

outside the Flying J

took me on into Savannah

to the river to meet Jonet


My spanish poem ” ( Josefina ) Mi Flor. Mi Tesoro ” has been published at inspirational-friendship-poems. com. I am also going to be a contributor to the fantasy sports website Fantasy CPR. My piece entitled ” On Peyton Manning And Being A Sports Fan ” , first printed right here, has been updated to reflect Peyton’s decision to sign with the Denver Broncos, and has been accepted as my first submission.

I am discouraged with my lack of followers on here and honestly find this site hard to understand and manage. What the hell are tags and how do I use them ? How do I get more readers ? I don’t have time to scour this website looking for answers. WordPress needs to be more user friendly !

( JOSEFINA ) MI FLOR, MI TESORO by Jeffrey Littrell

Por la manana

usted barre el piso

sus movimientos son elegantes

como el lince

tu cabello es tan negros como el cuervo

con las piernos de acero tendones

Preparacion de la comida con amor

maiz, tortillas con pollo

café fuerte y Buena

Por la noche

los brazos no me deja ir

puedo sentir su sopio suave

su amor es blanco caliente

con pasion inflamada

Un chaman Yaqui vino a mi

hace mucho tiempo en la ciuda de Guadalajara

en una vision datura

que mi digas que vas mi destino

para no negar su magic


un prisionero de tu corazon

un siervo en su honor



In the morning

you sweep the floor

your moves are elegant

like a lynx

your hair as black as the crow

with legs of steel sinew


You prepare our meal with love

corn, tortillas with chicken

coffee strong and good

In the evening

your arms won’t let me go

I can feel your sweet breath

your love is white hot

with passion aflame


A Yaqui shaman came to me

in Guadalajara long ago

in a datura vision

to tell me you’re my destiny

to not deny his magic

I remain

a captive to your heart

a servant in your honor

DEATH RATTLE by Jeffrey Littrell

a town called Desperation

The Last Chance Saloon

no redemption, no salvation

beneath a Hunter’s Moon


at a corner booth

bathed in neon glow

with her dreams out in the street

she had nowhere else to go


mascara running

from eyes of amethyst blue

her tears dripped down

onto her rose tattoo


she stared down at her cellphone

waiting for his call

telling herself it was meant to be

she was always bound to fall

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