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THE ONE PERCENTER by Jeffrey Littrell

he rides a beast of steel and chrome
the clubhouse is his pleasure-dome
from dive bars, honkytonks, and alleys
to poker runs and political rallies
the patches tell his story well
his reputation is not for sale
you can see by his blue, teardrop tattoo
that avoiding him is best for you
the MC is his blood and life
he deals for them, he wields a knife
he serves it’s every back and call
in fights, he is the last to fall
although the feds may take them down
chapters thrive in other towns
they never run, they do not hide
the one percenter will always ride


KINDRED SPIRIT by Jeffrey Littrell

in my dream, it’s ethereal

yet vivid and resonant

she’s ghostly and surreal

approaching cautiously and hesitant


laughing gently

from her hair, two feathers fall

embracing tightly

I can’t remember her at all


did I know her ?

another life, a love of mine ?

pledged to each other

in some now forgotten time ?


with day break comes reality

the pain, a welcoming host

will she visit me again ?

am I the wandering ghost ?

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