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I’ll walk a mile through broken glass

and never leave a scar

I’ll point my gun up at the sky

and shoot out every star


I’m a ghostly apparition

though I’m solid flesh and bone

I’m a traveler, a shaman,

and a lonesome rolling stone


I’m the spawn of curses whispered

some dark conjurer’s phantasm

from my lust, the universe

is trembling with orgasm


I’ve fought a thousand armies

carried off the sick and frail

I walked up to the crucifix

and pulled out every nail


when I come to your town, sir

you had best stay clear of me

I’m a feral, cornered animal

that’s craving sovereignty


I was born under a bad sign

a Wednesday’s child full of woe

I know to fear the shadows

like the devil down below


with fire fiercely burning

in my heart, through tears of rage

I write the sadness and the loss

as blood upon the page




we met beside the promenade

it had been many a year

you still put lemons in your water

and tuck your hair behind your ear


as the city breathed all around us

the smell of hibiscus hung in the air

you suddenly hiccupped and you laughed

as we began our forbidden affair


fate’s a spiteful mistress

life, an unassuming beauty

they dazzle you with vivid splendor

through clouds of ambiguity

DECEMBER WIND by Jeffrey Littrell


she has a visceral, broken spirit

and a caustic, bitter smile

all of her resolve, forever broken

with her heart an open wound

and her eyes, dull and dim

from stolen love and goodbyes left unspoken


I’ll gladly show compassion

I’ll hold her when she cries

but I am not the one to stop her tears

her heart still beats for him, you see

though he has since moved on

to heal, takes longer than it first appears


when I am feeling pensive

from sentimental memories

and the December wind brings forth a frigid rain

I’ll offer her my topcoat

to guard against the chill

but I will never free her from her pain

SIERRA IN SEQUINS by Jeffrey Littrell


you vandalize my senses

and I’m smoldering within

hoping that you’ll take me to your room


you’re a mystery and a revelation

defying explanation

a crimson rose in Spring, awaiting bloom


I’m no match for the devil’s charms

I crumble in your presence

you’re mischievous, yet fragile and demure


like a brightly burning quasar

with a gentle, feminine essence

a fiery tempest, inside a heart so pure

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