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SUBJUGATION by Jeffrey Littrell


I looked for a sign

trying to connect with a purity

that governs and reigns

to a feel a master’s hand

upon the controls

of this chaotic machine


I believe

I smelled sage upon the wind

perhaps, even heard

a disquieting murmur

rustle through the maple trees


if every grain of sand

is numbered in the hourglass,

am I drifting aimlessly

in the wind,

a bastard folly of providence ?


FAITHLESS JOURNEY by Jeffrey Littrell


a love so true is rare

it left me in despair

our last kiss

still burned with masked desire


the moistness in your eyes

was brought forth from fear and lies

only embers still remained

of raging fire


I’m haunted by your ghost

your presence lingers close

this hurt finds me

no matter where I hide


in the chambers of my heart

since the day we’ve been apart

this sorrow I conceal

will not subside


I go from town to town

to lay my burden down

I try to stay ahead

of stormy weather


perhaps there’ll come a time

when once again your mine

and we’ll walk

the endless avenue together

HEARTSCAPES by Jeffrey Littrell


once and always, joined in spirit

toward destiny we fly

guided through a strange dimension

by winged seraphim on high


the heart, it crumbles into dust

the soul, transforms to wind

when it looks as though our time has gone

transcendence will begin


in the vastness of all time and space

a beacon lights the way

eternity will save our kiss

and give it back someday

STREET RATS by Jeffrey Littrell

Marcus closed the door behind him

muffling his stepfather’s shouting

taking the tenement steps two at a time

jolted awake by the morning sunshine


he waited for his sister at the corner

the  34th St. Gangstaville crew

watched from the other side

“ just run on to school, Dee, I’ll be right behind”


the streets are a concrete prison

no credit for time served

of a sentence undeserved

left fighting over scraps with vermin brothers


though no iron bars surround him

there’s no escape he’ll find

his efforts undermined

by those who profit from the tears of mothers

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