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UNREQUITED by Jeffrey Littrell


how could he not see

the timeless beauty you possess ?

you radiate

you bathe all in your love

although I’ll never feel

your heart softly pounding

you push in close

then tease me with a shove


you infiltrate my thoughts

you captivate my senses

I’m left a helpless victim

to your charms

that foolish man who lost you

can only do as I do

and wish that he

were wrapped inside your arms


ELVIS AND JESUS by Jeffrey Littrell


I’ve got Elvis and Jesus and a pickup truck

Jesus hangs from the rearview and brings me luck

and leading me on to a brighter tomorrow,

is the Elvis license plate

on this black Silverado


my momma loves them both

she put ’em on there

so to take ‘em off now

I surely don’t dare


you see, I prefer Orbison, but she loves the King

and I never took much to the church goin’ thing,

but I’m a deep-southern, countryboy rebel within

and if I took ‘em off

she might not make me dumplings again


now, they say Jesus loves me even when I do wrong

and “Suspicious Minds” is a pretty good song

so tonight it’s us three out on I-65

I’m a poor, hopeless sinner

just glad I’m alive



it was October

a crisp, rustic dusk

the sky alive with stars

we were huddled together in the campfire smoke

counting cigarettes and wine coolers


if I could extract that moment

from a past autumn

and erase the ravages of time,

would I stray again away from you,

led on by my foolish heart ?


now it’s the springtime

of a breaking dawn

a starless night has passed

I’m wrapped in an embrace with the ticking clock

counting heartbreaks and shot glasses

NC-17 by Jeffrey Littrell


the sky is midnight blue

one white hot stolen kiss

reaches inside me

where the beast lies dormant

a torrent of sugared blood released

a rainbow collage of tangled limbs

finally, the frenzied lioness

trembles beneath me


I saw her hiding

behind the callous looks of skeptics

peering past their pathetic charade

beckoning me

to follow her

away from the encroaching shadows

only to fall laughing

into the waiting taxi

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