Monthly Archives: June 2013

DAYS ARE LONGER by Jeffrey Littrell


my muse

everyday you seem further away

more gone than the day before


my eyes

have grown vacant

and cold since your passing


my love

is like a pail of water

that I spill into the dirt


my heart

a pump no longer primed

with valves rusted shut


my journey

a labyrinth of turns

testing my sufferance


there was nothing

no farewell,

no sweet kiss goodbye


I lie here

my heart calcifying

trying to recall every detail about you


THIRST OF THE VAMPYRE by Jeffrey Littrell


your fragile heart pounded

so rapidly

as delicate as a baby bird

there was a leaf caught in your hair

a demure smile played on your lips

like a rhapsody

you gazed aloft, spellbound,


then, a hint of suspicion came

to your eyes

as your soft white neck

presented itself to me

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