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DOPPLEGANGER by Jeffrey Littrell

he walks across the scorched earth
with no shoes upon his feet
while others ride upon a charted star

he holds tight to his misery
and drags it like a chain
behind him, as he goes from bar to bar

he lays awake in sweat at night
and listens to his heart
dejected and despondent in his room

the daylight finally comes,
yet for him there is no peace
it’s just another harbinger of doom

was a curse cast long ago
to bring forth absolution ?
when all is lost
is it a case of karmic retribution ?

the light of life shines bright for some
in God, they have no doubt
he stumbles blindly through the snares
his candle burning out



it’s time I accepted the truth
you’ll never let anyone in
you’ll never be anyone’s friend
you’ll lie to the end
crushing those in your way

it’s no problem to walk away now
there’s no doubt that I’m better without
all the drama you bring,
it overshadows everything
and stains all you touch

it’s time I accepted the truth
some of us
are just born to lose
just destined to fall
and go through life at a crawl
brought down
by the likes of you

now every time
that I meet somebody new
I wonder if
she’ll hurt me like you
is she a cold bitch inside
with dirty secrets to hide ?
I’ll look deep into their eyes

COMPASSION par Jeffrey Littrell

la vie de certaines personnes
sont un peu comme
un jardin bien entretenu,
avec beaucoup de nourrir
et en croissance,
les bras levés comme des branches
attiré par le soleil

encore certains qui prennent un chemin téméraire,
devenir comme fleurs fanées,
avec seulement le venin à l’intérieur
les soutenir.
désespérément, ils courent contre la montre
répand comme la fétuque élevée
dans les prairies humides

Donc, je vais prendre la main si vous êtes tombé
quand d’autres se détournent, je serai là
car j’ai parcouru le chemin des opprimés
et ressenti la douleur que vous avez été maudit à porter


COMPASSION by Jeffrey Littrell

some people’s lives
are much like
a nicely tended garden,
with a lot of nurturing
and growing,
arms raised like branches
drawn to the sun

yet some who take a reckless path,
become like withering blooms,
with only the venom within
sustaining them.
desperately, they race against time
spreading like tall fescue
in the damp meadowlands

so, I will take your hand if you have fallen
when others turn away, I will be there
for I have walked the path of the downtrodden
and felt the pain that you’ve been cursed to bear

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