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SAVANNAH by Jeffrey Littrell

I am imprisoned by that moment in time,
trying to move forward against phantom restraints,
clinging tightly to her memory
as if it were a rosary

the stained glass window
contained an aperture
that let just the right amount of sunshine
fall upon the narthex

outside, a renegade yellow balloon
drifted above the Southern Live Oaks
as the Spanish moss
hung wet with dew


come on back to me, my love
the winter’s coming on
I don’t think I can make it on my own

there’s times when I hear your voice
whispering in the wind
it’s driving me insane to be alone

I need you to take care of me
I’ve strayed far off the path
I’m burnt out and my ends begin to fray

I need your warm, wet kisses
and the comfort that you bring
I miss you more than poetry can say

ISOLATION by Jeffrey Littrell

it took years to raise this wall
the barricade stands tall
from time to time, someone will infiltrate
I find it’s best to turn away
from glances cast my way
it’s something I will not initiate

my heart that’s black and bruised,
from times that I was used,
begs of me to not let down my guard
the tidal wave I rode upon,
and the chances come and gone,
all prove to me that easy love dies hard

as the frost glistens in the new dawn’s light
a woodpecker hammers, then takes off in flight
the sun soon melts the morning dew
then fades, as did my love for you

OCTOBER SKY by Jeffrey Littrell

constellations blink
and sparkle like pink champagne
do you see them, too ?

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