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as now the sands of destiny scatter to the wind
my hope is that they settle in your favor
for I have never known someone who held such love within
nor ever fought a foe whose heart was braver

so, take from me this tattered leather jacket off my back
in bitter cold it is for you to wear
and let me drive you in my rhinestone Cadillac
to paradise, where laughter fills the air

somewhere in the silence lies the truth I hope to find
like dead roses frozen ‘neath the snow
these memories forever will be etched upon my mind
of friends I’ve made and lovers that I’ve known

raindrops glow like diamonds on my windshield today
a pastel rainbow shimmers in the sky
the headlights of my rhinestone Cadillac shine ever bright
through wisps of fog, to where souls never die


FROM BLACK TO BLUE by Jeffrey Littrell

she’s half a world away from me
we’re separated by the sea
but linked in common love of art and rhyme

though she can’t meet my gaze
she knows how to turn a phrase
perhaps another place, another time

it brought about a smile
if only for awhile
before me was her visage in my dreams

in spirit and in heart
when two are far apart
it’s not so many miles as it seems

a drizzle falls down from the sky
the moon is ominous, hung high
I wonder, is she looking at it, too ?

the loneliness surrounds
as bitter tears stream down
the night begins to turn from black to blue

Du Noir Au Bleu par Jeffrey Littrell

elle est un bout du monde loin de moi
nous sommes séparés par la mer
mais lié à l’amour commun de l’art et de la rime

si elle ne peut pas rencontrer mon regard
elle sait comment transformer une phrase
peut-être un autre endroit, une autre fois

il a provoqué un sourire
si seulement pour un certain temps
devant moi était son visage dans mes rêves

dans l’esprit et dans le cœur
quand deux sont éloignés
ce n’est pas tant de miles comme il semble

un filet tombe du ciel
la lune est de mauvais augure, pendu haut
Je me demande, est-ce qu’elle cherche à lui aussi?

la solitude entoure
larmes amères coulent
la nuit commence à tourner du noir au bleu

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