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LOSING BROOKE by Jeffrey Littrell


so now, I’ve given up on you

I never thought that day would come

I was the one who had your back

how could I have been so dumb ?


one should stand behind the outcast

and wish for nothing in return

but the only thing I got from you

was a painful lesson learned


I, the fool, believed your lies

as you’d deftly genuflect

you lost your freedom, then your kids

you lost your self-respect


( so conniving while you conjugate

so trifling as you manipulate

with half-assed lies you fabricate

through the destruction, you now navigate )


I realize now with cold resolve

the person that you are

just a fuck-up waiting to happen

alone at the end of the bar


so when you cross the finish line

on your road to self-destruction

when the drugs have all but crippled you

so that you can barely function

when all is lost

and you are on the bottom once again

this time, you will not hear from me

you can find another friend



DAMAGED by Jeffrey Littrell

she can’t even meet their stare
from too many nights of helpless despair
broken, yet expected to please
in filthy rooms, down on her knees

the ends of her sanity frayed
the last of her blind faith betrayed
she’s damaged beyond all repair
lost in the misery, unable to care

she has no sense of direction
with a clouded perspective, it’s one more injection
nodding out on the bathroom floor
a walking ghost, a helpless whore

FROM BLACK TO BLUE by Jeffrey Littrell

she’s half a world away from me
we’re separated by the sea
but linked in common love of art and rhyme

though she can’t meet my gaze
she knows how to turn a phrase
perhaps another place, another time

it brought about a smile
if only for awhile
before me was her visage in my dreams

in spirit and in heart
when two are far apart
it’s not so many miles as it seems

a drizzle falls down from the sky
the moon is ominous, hung high
I wonder, is she looking at it, too ?

the loneliness surrounds
as bitter tears stream down
the night begins to turn from black to blue

Du Noir Au Bleu par Jeffrey Littrell

elle est un bout du monde loin de moi
nous sommes séparés par la mer
mais lié à l’amour commun de l’art et de la rime

si elle ne peut pas rencontrer mon regard
elle sait comment transformer une phrase
peut-être un autre endroit, une autre fois

il a provoqué un sourire
si seulement pour un certain temps
devant moi était son visage dans mes rêves

dans l’esprit et dans le cœur
quand deux sont éloignés
ce n’est pas tant de miles comme il semble

un filet tombe du ciel
la lune est de mauvais augure, pendu haut
Je me demande, est-ce qu’elle cherche à lui aussi?

la solitude entoure
larmes amères coulent
la nuit commence à tourner du noir au bleu

remission, Rejection, RELAPSE by Jeffrey Littrell


left to bleed out

ignored and dismissed

like trash set out on the street


it is a world

for the confident, the beautiful

the stout of character

not the plain or disfigured

not the weak, crippled outcasts



coughing up anguish

with black bits of emotional bile


breaking down

still further down

with frailty as evident

as hair-line cracks

on a sparrow’s egg

THE DESERTER by Jeffrey Littrell

you loved me like a brother

you once told me years ago

but when I came back from Georgia

things had changed…why, I don’t know


I was no longer important to you

that’s how you made me feel

at first, I felt great sadness

now, a rage I can’t conceal


someone said you’re down and out

that you have put on weight

do you really think I’d give a shit ?

you once were my soul-mate !


my writing’s going well these days

I’m feeling very good

I’m making friends and going places

I never thought I would


I just wish that I could share these things

with you, my once best friend

but your vanity and insensitivity

brought everything to an end


every now and then, friends ask of you

I tell them you don’t call

I’ve reached out to you many times

you don’t respond at all


though I can hold my head up high

as I walk down the street,

how will you look me in the eye

if once again we meet ?

SYNOPSIS by Jeffrey Littrell

there’s a restless longing in my soul

my vices long have taken their toll

with broken wings I’ve walked through fire

few people possess the will or desire

to go where the path is never true

to fight where the strong in number are few

to stand beside me and suffer this life

for these reasons I know I can’t take a wife


I’ll never have another fight

have someone screaming late at night

when I neglect to text or phone

the downside is I’ll be alone

I only have myself to blame

for standing too close to the flame

I can’t expect someone to care

my wanderlust they do not share

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