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LOSING BROOKE by Jeffrey Littrell


so now, I’ve given up on you

I never thought that day would come

I was the one who had your back

how could I have been so dumb ?


one should stand behind the outcast

and wish for nothing in return

but the only thing I got from you

was a painful lesson learned


I, the fool, believed your lies

as you’d deftly genuflect

you lost your freedom, then your kids

you lost your self-respect


( so conniving while you conjugate

so trifling as you manipulate

with half-assed lies you fabricate

through the destruction, you now navigate )


I realize now with cold resolve

the person that you are

just a fuck-up waiting to happen

alone at the end of the bar


so when you cross the finish line

on your road to self-destruction

when the drugs have all but crippled you

so that you can barely function

when all is lost

and you are on the bottom once again

this time, you will not hear from me

you can find another friend




DAMAGED by Jeffrey Littrell

she can’t even meet their stare
from too many nights of helpless despair
broken, yet expected to please
in filthy rooms, down on her knees

the ends of her sanity frayed
the last of her blind faith betrayed
she’s damaged beyond all repair
lost in the misery, unable to care

she has no sense of direction
with a clouded perspective, it’s one more injection
nodding out on the bathroom floor
a walking ghost, a helpless whore

remission, Rejection, RELAPSE by Jeffrey Littrell


left to bleed out

ignored and dismissed

like trash set out on the street


it is a world

for the confident, the beautiful

the stout of character

not the plain or disfigured

not the weak, crippled outcasts



coughing up anguish

with black bits of emotional bile


breaking down

still further down

with frailty as evident

as hair-line cracks

on a sparrow’s egg

THE COMBAT ZONE ( Boston, Mass. 1990 ) by Jeffrey Littrell

undaunted, he approached me

with an off-putting grin

asking if I’d like to go

and have a drink with him


I told him straight up

all that I was after was a score

but what he had in mind

involved a little something more


I walked off down the street

amid the persistent sirens

going in and out

of different decadent environs


they crept inside the shadows

as black as obsidian

pure evil personified

with eyes vaguely reptilian


a strip club called “The Naked Eye”

provided medication

dancers moved emotionless

in the throes of sweet sedation


with my addiction sated

as the warmth inside me spread

I walked out of The Combat Zone

infused with guilt and dread

DEATH RATTLE by Jeffrey Littrell

a town called Desperation

The Last Chance Saloon

no redemption, no salvation

beneath a Hunter’s Moon


at a corner booth

bathed in neon glow

with her dreams out in the street

she had nowhere else to go


mascara running

from eyes of amethyst blue

her tears dripped down

onto her rose tattoo


she stared down at her cellphone

waiting for his call

telling herself it was meant to be

she was always bound to fall

SEEKING SOLACE by Jeffrey Littrell


I feel like my brain is broken

I feel like my soul’s been stripped

my truth is never spoken

my sanity’s not equipped

to be dealing with the stone cold harsh

reality of this shit

it’s life or death

blood or breath

I’m a genius idiot


this path is often traveled

though the journey never done

emotions lie unraveled

the battle never won

I will beg for mercy

inside this web that I have spun

gasping, crying, choking, dying

my Hell has just begun


In darkness I crawl

my fear is my comfort

backed up to the wall

I ask for my solace

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