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BROKEN HOURGLASS by Jeffrey Littrell


I watch Diane take the hand of her drugstore cowboy

she flushes with contented bliss

her black lipstick ignites him

from their first stolen kiss


I can almost feel the Colorado sunshine

hear “Althea” on the Red Rocks stage

the sands of time are falling faster

it’s the epilogue, the final page


I can listen to the symphony /  I can try to play the melody

hoping that the Gods will be appeased

searching for my Sylvia Plath / shards of glass litter the path

I’m waiting for one final, last reprise





ASPHYXIATION BLUES by Jeffrey Littrell

I walk around the mesa
the desert floor an endless tapestry
of sand and stone
weakening, I forge ahead alone

I reach a tree as old as time
where the outcasts once were lynched
left to die with a thirst unquenched
as vermin and leeches crawl
amidst the bile and the stench

carrion scavengers pick at the flesh
beneath my death shroud
while the blind harpy
mocks my final prayer
and I lay broken on the ground

with my final gasp of breath
my eyes freeze in death
my tears drying
in the hot desert sun

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