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Thunder And Lightning ( when I saw you ) by Jeffrey Littrell

it was Thunder Over Louisville
the smoke hung in the night
there were thousands down on 4th Street
under the fireworks so bright

I was trying to get a taxi
at 6th Street and West Main
when she rushed under the canopy
it had just begun to rain

some might deem it happenstance
or perhaps, the hand of fate
that brought us both together
at that time and on that date

the wind came off the river
deftly lifting her skirt high
her umbrella was turned inside out
we laughed until we cried

she pulled out a pack of Dunhills
and I set one ablaze
we agreed to share the taxi
and I tried to turn a phrase

there was lightning in the skies above
and magic in the night
and for the first time in a long time
I knew I’d be alright


SPIRIT, FEATHER, AND BONE by Jeffrey Littrell

maple leaves spin down to the earth
like ghosts adrift on the wind
touched by the hand of the Medicine Man
the mystical tempest begins

flames flicker in response on the altar
The Great Spirit has come to dance
chanting and casting a circle of salt
sends destiny merging with chance

the blood of the stag is offered, bringing
the distant cry of a wolf, all alone
an alchemist and a shapeshifter
becomes spirit, feather, and bone

the power of good medicine conquers,
Evil is commanded to fall
The Great Spirit dwells deep within us
She opens her arms out to all


beneath the waves, trapped in a dream
this journey started from a stream
when I felt that I could swim no more
the coming tide brought me to shore

upon the highest mountain top
silence brings time to a stop
if one should plummet to the ground
the spirit leaves, no longer bound

from far across a great divide
our separated hearts collide
two paths apart are joined as one
your silver moon, my golden sun

with eyes of faded denim blue
and a tongue as sweet as peach fondue
her hair is dandelion gold
her magick reveals my truths untold

DOPPLEGANGER by Jeffrey Littrell

he walks across the scorched earth
with no shoes upon his feet
while others ride upon a charted star

he holds tight to his misery
and drags it like a chain
behind him, as he goes from bar to bar

he lays awake in sweat at night
and listens to his heart
dejected and despondent in his room

the daylight finally comes,
yet for him there is no peace
it’s just another harbinger of doom

was a curse cast long ago
to bring forth absolution ?
when all is lost
is it a case of karmic retribution ?

the light of life shines bright for some
in God, they have no doubt
he stumbles blindly through the snares
his candle burning out

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