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NO COVER by Jeffrey Littrell


my guitar is all I ever hold

there’s no getting past the lies you told

left picking up the pieces I can find

trying to chase this darkness from my mind


life’s become a river I can’t ford

swept away by waves of minor chords

singing to the pictures on the wall

there, where no one sees me when I fall


it’s a miracle that I’ve even got this far

singing for Coronas, in a dimly lit dive bar

playing “Thunder Road” for twenty-five

I can’t tell if I’m dead, or if I’m still alive


a tweaker sets me up a shot of Crown

then asks me if I know the new Shinedown

my pain subsides as I proceed to play

the neon always seems to cut the grey


the waitress said she thought I sounded good

and clapped far louder than she really should

at night’s end, load the gear into the van

I’m driving to Valdosta, just a ghost inside a man



FROM BLACK TO BLUE by Jeffrey Littrell

she’s half a world away from me
we’re separated by the sea
but linked in common love of art and rhyme

though she can’t meet my gaze
she knows how to turn a phrase
perhaps another place, another time

it brought about a smile
if only for awhile
before me was her visage in my dreams

in spirit and in heart
when two are far apart
it’s not so many miles as it seems

a drizzle falls down from the sky
the moon is ominous, hung high
I wonder, is she looking at it, too ?

the loneliness surrounds
as bitter tears stream down
the night begins to turn from black to blue

Du Noir Au Bleu par Jeffrey Littrell

elle est un bout du monde loin de moi
nous sommes séparés par la mer
mais lié à l’amour commun de l’art et de la rime

si elle ne peut pas rencontrer mon regard
elle sait comment transformer une phrase
peut-être un autre endroit, une autre fois

il a provoqué un sourire
si seulement pour un certain temps
devant moi était son visage dans mes rêves

dans l’esprit et dans le cœur
quand deux sont éloignés
ce n’est pas tant de miles comme il semble

un filet tombe du ciel
la lune est de mauvais augure, pendu haut
Je me demande, est-ce qu’elle cherche à lui aussi?

la solitude entoure
larmes amères coulent
la nuit commence à tourner du noir au bleu

SAVANNAH by Jeffrey Littrell

I am imprisoned by that moment in time,
trying to move forward against phantom restraints,
clinging tightly to her memory
as if it were a rosary

the stained glass window
contained an aperture
that let just the right amount of sunshine
fall upon the narthex

outside, a renegade yellow balloon
drifted above the Southern Live Oaks
as the Spanish moss
hung wet with dew


come on back to me, my love
the winter’s coming on
I don’t think I can make it on my own

there’s times when I hear your voice
whispering in the wind
it’s driving me insane to be alone

I need you to take care of me
I’ve strayed far off the path
I’m burnt out and my ends begin to fray

I need your warm, wet kisses
and the comfort that you bring
I miss you more than poetry can say


it’s time I accepted the truth
you’ll never let anyone in
you’ll never be anyone’s friend
you’ll lie to the end
crushing those in your way

it’s no problem to walk away now
there’s no doubt that I’m better without
all the drama you bring,
it overshadows everything
and stains all you touch

it’s time I accepted the truth
some of us
are just born to lose
just destined to fall
and go through life at a crawl
brought down
by the likes of you

now every time
that I meet somebody new
I wonder if
she’ll hurt me like you
is she a cold bitch inside
with dirty secrets to hide ?
I’ll look deep into their eyes

UNREQUITED by Jeffrey Littrell


how could he not see

the timeless beauty you possess ?

you radiate

you bathe all in your love

although I’ll never feel

your heart softly pounding

you push in close

then tease me with a shove


you infiltrate my thoughts

you captivate my senses

I’m left a helpless victim

to your charms

that foolish man who lost you

can only do as I do

and wish that he

were wrapped inside your arms

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