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To Carolyn by Jeffrey Littrell

Thirty years have past

yet, when I heard your voice

I was back in my teens

emboldened and ablaze

with the fierce fortitude of youth

with remembrance

of a passion that once raged true

long ago, before the years

aged my countenance

and wrinkled my brow

It is still within me

immersed in shadows

a chrysalis awaiting flight

and sweet release

from its aortic prison





her heels click on the cobblestone

goodbye to the university

sighing quietly against my ear

mesmerized, I draw her near


down the bright mosaic avenue

around the corner to the bistro there

smell of firewheels clinging to her hair

dazzled by espresso almond eyes


music from the band soon sets the mood

Tennessee midnight interlude

I am wrapped inside her effervescent glow

enamored of her charlatan smile


noble woman of grace

excuse my eccentricities

and forgive me for staring

in wonder at your splendor

your eyes are alive with a

White Zin sparkle

the timbre of your voice is like

an angel’s song of rapture

yellow hair cascading

over a bountiful bosom

the air

is electric

around you

SEEKING SOLACE by Jeffrey Littrell


I feel like my brain is broken

I feel like my soul’s been stripped

my truth is never spoken

my sanity’s not equipped

to be dealing with the stone cold harsh

reality of this shit

it’s life or death

blood or breath

I’m a genius idiot


this path is often traveled

though the journey never done

emotions lie unraveled

the battle never won

I will beg for mercy

inside this web that I have spun

gasping, crying, choking, dying

my Hell has just begun


In darkness I crawl

my fear is my comfort

backed up to the wall

I ask for my solace

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