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storms sound different when you travel alone
when you’ve been running your entire life
in search of where you’re meant to be

perhaps that place
where Spanish moss hung from the trees in sympathy

does the love we hold inside of us
have an expiration date
if not given away,
does it eventually rust
or crumble to dust

as the words in a classic novel
stand ignored on the shelf,
my love lies dormant.
while the grinning demon
at my side
sheds another layer of skin

become polaroids in an old shoe box
regrets of love lost
cast shadows on the promise of a new day

with the coming of dusk, left hoping
that the comfort from her breast
might return me to the place I was before

beneath the Spanish moss




I’ve built a wall beside myself

to keep others safely distant

your lies still dig inside me

both numbing and persistent

you cast aside your virtue

and left without a thought

it’s easy to dismiss it now

as a lesson harshly taught

it’s strange how things unravel

how quickly we can fall from grace

you once soothed my withered heart

with the solace in your embrace


now, when I get a little money

I just spend it on myself

no one cares to know me

I take my comfort off the shelf

it’s a cold, hard type of lonely

I wish no other man to feel

it’s a silent, sweet despair

that’s both stark and yet, surreal


I will often hear her laughter

as women pass me on the street

but their eyes don’t have her twinkle

and their kisses aren’t as sweet

now I sit here with my whiskey

in a cheap no-tell motel

gripping tightly to the bottle

lest I slide down into hell

HER WAY OUT by Jeffrey Littrell


the only answer
is that
there are no answers at all
no karmic justice is done
what goes around
just keeps right on going

things just are
until they aren’t anymore
or in her case
they never fucking were at all

she locked the door
she knelt in front of the bathroom mirror
by the filthy toilet,
and shuddered
at the metallic taste in her mouth
it was somehow easier
than she envisioned it would be

she lay still
and small
the blood pooled and congealed
on the linoleum floor
finally, she wouldn’t hurt anymore
she was free from her torment, yet
all she did
was pass it on to me


I’ll walk a mile through broken glass

and never leave a scar

I’ll point my gun up at the sky

and shoot out every star


I’m a ghostly apparition

though I’m solid flesh and bone

I’m a traveler, a shaman,

and a lonesome rolling stone


I’m the spawn of curses whispered

some dark conjurer’s phantasm

from my lust, the universe

is trembling with orgasm


I’ve fought a thousand armies

carried off the sick and frail

I walked up to the crucifix

and pulled out every nail


when I come to your town, sir

you had best stay clear of me

I’m a feral, cornered animal

that’s craving sovereignty


I was born under a bad sign

a Wednesday’s child full of woe

I know to fear the shadows

like the devil down below


with fire fiercely burning

in my heart, through tears of rage

I write the sadness and the loss

as blood upon the page


I’ve still got some hurtin’ to do

I still have some pain left inside

it stays in my dreams, it won’t leave it seems

no matter how hard that I’ve tried

I’ve still got some hurtin’to do


I’ve still got some tears left to cry

I can’t get her out of my mind

I’ve drank all my beer, her ghost is still here

her sweet perfume lingers behind

I’ve still got some tears left to cry


it’s time to get my life on track

get rid of this misery inside

I’ll work hard to lose, these broken heart blues

that she left me with, when she lied

it’s time to get my life on track


while I still have time on this Earth

I’ll try to live right and not wrong

stay away from bad places, and sweet tempting faces

until a good woman does come along

I’ve still got some loving to do


stay away from bad places, and sweet tempting faces

until a good woman does come along

I just wrote my first country song   J

HITCHING by Jeffrey Littrell


rain hit the blacktop

headlights from behind

a sister in a Lexus

was the ride I hoped to find


pancakes in a Friendlys

then Kush was in the air

she dropped me off south of Augusta

with a full eight hours to spare


they said my shower was ready

I put the Chronicle back in the rack

cleaned up, sat in a Dennys

at a table in the back


speed freak in a Wal-Mart truck

outside the Flying J

took me on into Savannah

to the river to meet Jonet

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