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As Beautiful As You by Jeffrey Littrell


sometimes when I stare

straight up at the night sky

the moon makes me smile

the stars make me cry

mountains rise up

and pierce the clouds through

but when your eyes flash like lightning

they’re not as beautiful as you


sometimes when I’m talking

with someone I just met

I’m holding on to a memory

trying hard to forget

their attention is fleeting

and their hearts not as true

they’re not as strong of a woman

they’re not as beautiful as you


I try to find words

that come from my heart

but to define my love

I don’t know where to start

trade winds blow

across oceans of blue

they’re not as constant as my love

they’re not as beautiful as you









In the morning

you sweep the floor

your moves are elegant

like a lynx

your hair as black as the crow

with legs of steel sinew


You prepare our meal with love

corn, tortillas with chicken

coffee strong and good

In the evening

your arms won’t let me go

I can feel your sweet breath

your love is white hot

with passion aflame


A Yaqui shaman came to me

in Guadalajara long ago

in a datura vision

to tell me you’re my destiny

to not deny his magic

I remain

a captive to your heart

a servant in your honor

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