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WHEN THE COLORS CHANGE by Jeffrey Littrell


this poem is for she who stood beside me,

and while fighting off her demons

gently wrapped me in her love

this is written for my gypsy angel

who led me like a beacon

shining  brightly from above


in times of sadness, she would render comfort

in times of celebration, we would raise our glasses high

this is for the one who lay beside me

while the earth beneath us trembled

and the stars fell from the sky


when the colors change, it makes me think of you, dear

another year is ending,

like the closing of a door

I’ll live my life in tribute to your kindness

and in honor of your memory, mi amour



As Beautiful As You by Jeffrey Littrell


sometimes when I stare

straight up at the night sky

the moon makes me smile

the stars make me cry

mountains rise up

and pierce the clouds through

but when your eyes flash like lightning

they’re not as beautiful as you


sometimes when I’m talking

with someone I just met

I’m holding on to a memory

trying hard to forget

their attention is fleeting

and their hearts not as true

they’re not as strong of a woman

they’re not as beautiful as you


I try to find words

that come from my heart

but to define my love

I don’t know where to start

trade winds blow

across oceans of blue

they’re not as constant as my love

they’re not as beautiful as you






Quand les gouttes de pluie se transforment en diamants by Jeffrey Littrell

Quand les gouttes de pluie se transforment en diamants
entourées par la rémanence,
d’un secret chuchoté doucement,
qui vous parle juste à vous,
Prendrez-vous le bas de l’avenue,
de votre péché bien gardé
Et ne montrer le plus profond de vous-même
la douleur que vous détenez en son sein.

Quand la lumière des étoiles se fane à la noiceur
et me drape en son linceul
Allez-vous me cajoler sur votre giron,
et me confier toute la vérité à haute voix
et quand les larmes perlent, si brillantes
en rire se transforment par magie
Allez-vous me tirer du ruisseau
et me porter dans la lumière.

© jeff Littrell

Thunder And Lightning ( when I saw you ) by Jeffrey Littrell

it was Thunder Over Louisville
the smoke hung in the night
there were thousands down on 4th Street
under the fireworks so bright

I was trying to get a taxi
at 6th Street and West Main
when she rushed under the canopy
it had just begun to rain

some might deem it happenstance
or perhaps, the hand of fate
that brought us both together
at that time and on that date

the wind came off the river
deftly lifting her skirt high
her umbrella was turned inside out
we laughed until we cried

she pulled out a pack of Dunhills
and I set one ablaze
we agreed to share the taxi
and I tried to turn a phrase

there was lightning in the skies above
and magic in the night
and for the first time in a long time
I knew I’d be alright

DAYS ARE LONGER by Jeffrey Littrell


my muse

everyday you seem further away

more gone than the day before


my eyes

have grown vacant

and cold since your passing


my love

is like a pail of water

that I spill into the dirt


my heart

a pump no longer primed

with valves rusted shut


my journey

a labyrinth of turns

testing my sufferance


there was nothing

no farewell,

no sweet kiss goodbye


I lie here

my heart calcifying

trying to recall every detail about you


UNREQUITED by Jeffrey Littrell


how could he not see

the timeless beauty you possess ?

you radiate

you bathe all in your love

although I’ll never feel

your heart softly pounding

you push in close

then tease me with a shove


you infiltrate my thoughts

you captivate my senses

I’m left a helpless victim

to your charms

that foolish man who lost you

can only do as I do

and wish that he

were wrapped inside your arms



it was October

a crisp, rustic dusk

the sky alive with stars

we were huddled together in the campfire smoke

counting cigarettes and wine coolers


if I could extract that moment

from a past autumn

and erase the ravages of time,

would I stray again away from you,

led on by my foolish heart ?


now it’s the springtime

of a breaking dawn

a starless night has passed

I’m wrapped in an embrace with the ticking clock

counting heartbreaks and shot glasses

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