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Quand les gouttes de pluie se transforment en diamants by Jeffrey Littrell

Quand les gouttes de pluie se transforment en diamants
entourées par la rémanence,
d’un secret chuchoté doucement,
qui vous parle juste à vous,
Prendrez-vous le bas de l’avenue,
de votre péché bien gardé
Et ne montrer le plus profond de vous-même
la douleur que vous détenez en son sein.

Quand la lumière des étoiles se fane à la noiceur
et me drape en son linceul
Allez-vous me cajoler sur votre giron,
et me confier toute la vérité à haute voix
et quand les larmes perlent, si brillantes
en rire se transforment par magie
Allez-vous me tirer du ruisseau
et me porter dans la lumière.

© jeff Littrell


WHERE YOU AND I WILL GO by Jeffrey Littrell


there is a place where you and I will go

of golden-hued meadows, where clear, blue oceans flow

where sunlight quickly dries the gentle rain

absolving us of all our sins and pain


with laughing children singing nursery rhymes

families remember cherished times

a million miles above, there shines a bright, majestic star

and everything between is just the miracle we are


I’ll take your hand when we finally reach this place

that doesn’t know addiction, poverty, or disgrace

and with each beat from our hearts we will derive

the answer to the mystery of why we were alive


to love each other is our only task

to help raise the fallen and not wait for them to ask

along the path of righteous truth we’ll go

to this wondrous place where you and I will go


This poem is written for my friend, currently serving a 3 year sentence at the Indiana Women’s Prison at the IDC. What is life without timeless love, the dream of a better place, and redemption through the remarkable strength of the human spirit ?


“At the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe. “

– Bruce Springsteen




as now the sands of destiny scatter to the wind
my hope is that they settle in your favor
for I have never known someone who held such love within
nor ever fought a foe whose heart was braver

so, take from me this tattered leather jacket off my back
in bitter cold it is for you to wear
and let me drive you in my rhinestone Cadillac
to paradise, where laughter fills the air

somewhere in the silence lies the truth I hope to find
like dead roses frozen ‘neath the snow
these memories forever will be etched upon my mind
of friends I’ve made and lovers that I’ve known

raindrops glow like diamonds on my windshield today
a pastel rainbow shimmers in the sky
the headlights of my rhinestone Cadillac shine ever bright
through wisps of fog, to where souls never die



when raindrops turn to diamonds

surrounded by the afterglow

of softly whispered secret

meant for only you to know

will you take me down the avenue

of your closely guarded sin

and show me deep inside yourself

to the pain you hold within


when starlight fades to blackness

and drapes me in it’s shroud

will you hold me to your bosom

and speak every truth out loud

as laughter turns to magic

and tears to pearls, so bright

will you lift me from the gutter

and carry me into the light

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