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DAMAGED by Jeffrey Littrell

she can’t even meet their stare
from too many nights of helpless despair
broken, yet expected to please
in filthy rooms, down on her knees

the ends of her sanity frayed
the last of her blind faith betrayed
she’s damaged beyond all repair
lost in the misery, unable to care

she has no sense of direction
with a clouded perspective, it’s one more injection
nodding out on the bathroom floor
a walking ghost, a helpless whore


remission, Rejection, RELAPSE by Jeffrey Littrell


left to bleed out

ignored and dismissed

like trash set out on the street


it is a world

for the confident, the beautiful

the stout of character

not the plain or disfigured

not the weak, crippled outcasts



coughing up anguish

with black bits of emotional bile


breaking down

still further down

with frailty as evident

as hair-line cracks

on a sparrow’s egg


perhaps I should be painting

expressing your brash insolence

while dripping tears

onto a canvas, pure and white

covering you in stark, vivid hues

splashing silver stars

onto the indigo night above you

as the brittle chambers of my heart

are cracking


instead I sit here mourning

ties left behind, unraveled

the roads I never traveled

relationships dissolved and problems unresolved

in search of one connection

encountering rejection

from one whose wicked grin

betrays her enmity within

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