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THE DARKER SIDE OF ME by Jeffrey Littrell


It’s the darker side of me

a side I seldom share

born from a place of anguish,

loneliness and despair


It brings to forth an anger

that I just can’t suppress

It’s a cold, black hell I dwell in

the spawn of misery and duress


It’s the darker side of me

there’s comfort in the pain

I feel sadness in the sunshine

cleansing from the rain


It’s all that one can do

far more than I can bear

to put one foot ahead of the other

when I honestly don’t care


I can’t tell if the chaos

or the sorrow’s winning out

I sometimes sit in silence

sometimes, I scream and shout


I wish I could be like you

and feel happiness and glee

for me, that’s never in the cards

It’s the darker side of me





DAMAGED by Jeffrey Littrell

she can’t even meet their stare
from too many nights of helpless despair
broken, yet expected to please
in filthy rooms, down on her knees

the ends of her sanity frayed
the last of her blind faith betrayed
she’s damaged beyond all repair
lost in the misery, unable to care

she has no sense of direction
with a clouded perspective, it’s one more injection
nodding out on the bathroom floor
a walking ghost, a helpless whore


storms sound different when you travel alone
when you’ve been running your entire life
in search of where you’re meant to be

perhaps that place
where Spanish moss hung from the trees in sympathy

does the love we hold inside of us
have an expiration date
if not given away,
does it eventually rust
or crumble to dust

as the words in a classic novel
stand ignored on the shelf,
my love lies dormant.
while the grinning demon
at my side
sheds another layer of skin

become polaroids in an old shoe box
regrets of love lost
cast shadows on the promise of a new day

with the coming of dusk, left hoping
that the comfort from her breast
might return me to the place I was before

beneath the Spanish moss

SAVANNAH by Jeffrey Littrell

I am imprisoned by that moment in time,
trying to move forward against phantom restraints,
clinging tightly to her memory
as if it were a rosary

the stained glass window
contained an aperture
that let just the right amount of sunshine
fall upon the narthex

outside, a renegade yellow balloon
drifted above the Southern Live Oaks
as the Spanish moss
hung wet with dew


come on back to me, my love
the winter’s coming on
I don’t think I can make it on my own

there’s times when I hear your voice
whispering in the wind
it’s driving me insane to be alone

I need you to take care of me
I’ve strayed far off the path
I’m burnt out and my ends begin to fray

I need your warm, wet kisses
and the comfort that you bring
I miss you more than poetry can say

THE DESERTER by Jeffrey Littrell

you loved me like a brother

you once told me years ago

but when I came back from Georgia

things had changed…why, I don’t know


I was no longer important to you

that’s how you made me feel

at first, I felt great sadness

now, a rage I can’t conceal


someone said you’re down and out

that you have put on weight

do you really think I’d give a shit ?

you once were my soul-mate !


my writing’s going well these days

I’m feeling very good

I’m making friends and going places

I never thought I would


I just wish that I could share these things

with you, my once best friend

but your vanity and insensitivity

brought everything to an end


every now and then, friends ask of you

I tell them you don’t call

I’ve reached out to you many times

you don’t respond at all


though I can hold my head up high

as I walk down the street,

how will you look me in the eye

if once again we meet ?

” BREAKUP ” by Jeffrey Littrell

the finality of it all 

was in stark contrast

to the promise

of the illuminating dawn


the frost from our breath

confirmed our presence

in that moment


or else

I would have sworn

we had completely dissolved


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