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DEAD ON THE VINE by Jeffrey Littrell


I’m running through fire

I can’t catch my breath

is living without love any better than death ?


It’s hard to keep going

when you feel destined to fall

I just can’t get my head wrapped around it at all


under the radar

far off the grid

there’s warrants in Kentucky for the things that I did


4:00 a.m. in Nazareth

my sheets soaked with sweat

I’m losing my grip, but I’ve not let go yet


Crown Royal on the nightstand

right next to my pills

it’s neon and glitter and roadside cheap thrills


in search of redemption

because I can’t find a beer

don’t know where I’ll find it, but I know it’s not here


my love is a flower

that’s withered and brown

dead on the vine since the day you left town




TRAVELOGUE by Jeffrey Littrell


had to get out on the highway

find out what the day might bring

I washed the car and filled the tank

I was up for anything


I love the sense of freedom

as the miles roll away

leading towards my destiny

and a promising new day


I pulled into a diner

just as sheets of rain descended

the steak and eggs, their specialty

came highly recommended


the waitress was a talker

and a picture of confusion

offering me some coffee

with a side of absolution


back out on the road

I saw a rainbow overhead

signifying hope

removing any sense of dread

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