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Insignificant Other by Jeffrey Littrell


it’s sometimes a dismissive glance

or just a cold, hard stare

that breaks apart my self-esteem

laying my emotions bare


paths are left untrodden,

I’m perpetually alone

carrying a burden

that weighs heavy, like a stone


sunrises come and go, unseen

I sleep, but do not dare to dream

I reach for a hand that isn’t there,

imagining I smell her hair


I play my guitar, I don’t know why

my harmonica weeps, it starts to cry

the chords I strum drip sacrificial blood

as dark as a tempest, as deep as a flood




ABIGAIL CHARMAINE by Jeffrey Littrell


a sprig of baby’s breath

is all that I have left

of Abigail Charmaine, of Devonshire

she passed, still in her youth

and no one knew the truth

of our sweet union, born from passion’s fire


her father cursed my lineage

questioning my parentage

concluding, I not worthy of her hand

his wealth and his position

the strength of his volition

ensured that all must heed to his demand


she’d steal away at night

kept well out of sight

and meet me in the mists of Avalon

a clandestine embrace

her moonlight-haloed face

an angel that the stars shine down upon


soon her visits ceased to be

he kept her locked away from me

the grief and sorrow tore my world apart

her sweet spirit, then her mind

left her in due time

until she finally died of broken heart


so now when moonlight’s gleaming

it starts my tears to streaming

evoking memories of my heart’s desire

she’s a distant weeping ghost

this one I love the most

Abigail Charmaine, of Devonshire

FAITHLESS JOURNEY by Jeffrey Littrell


a love so true is rare

it left me in despair

our last kiss

still burned with masked desire


the moistness in your eyes

was brought forth from fear and lies

only embers still remained

of raging fire


I’m haunted by your ghost

your presence lingers close

this hurt finds me

no matter where I hide


in the chambers of my heart

since the day we’ve been apart

this sorrow I conceal

will not subside


I go from town to town

to lay my burden down

I try to stay ahead

of stormy weather


perhaps there’ll come a time

when once again your mine

and we’ll walk

the endless avenue together

DECEMBER WIND by Jeffrey Littrell


she has a visceral, broken spirit

and a caustic, bitter smile

all of her resolve, forever broken

with her heart an open wound

and her eyes, dull and dim

from stolen love and goodbyes left unspoken


I’ll gladly show compassion

I’ll hold her when she cries

but I am not the one to stop her tears

her heart still beats for him, you see

though he has since moved on

to heal, takes longer than it first appears


when I am feeling pensive

from sentimental memories

and the December wind brings forth a frigid rain

I’ll offer her my topcoat

to guard against the chill

but I will never free her from her pain


perhaps I should be painting

expressing your brash insolence

while dripping tears

onto a canvas, pure and white

covering you in stark, vivid hues

splashing silver stars

onto the indigo night above you

as the brittle chambers of my heart

are cracking


instead I sit here mourning

ties left behind, unraveled

the roads I never traveled

relationships dissolved and problems unresolved

in search of one connection

encountering rejection

from one whose wicked grin

betrays her enmity within

SYNOPSIS by Jeffrey Littrell

there’s a restless longing in my soul

my vices long have taken their toll

with broken wings I’ve walked through fire

few people possess the will or desire

to go where the path is never true

to fight where the strong in number are few

to stand beside me and suffer this life

for these reasons I know I can’t take a wife


I’ll never have another fight

have someone screaming late at night

when I neglect to text or phone

the downside is I’ll be alone

I only have myself to blame

for standing too close to the flame

I can’t expect someone to care

my wanderlust they do not share


I’m happy to say that my poem ” Empty, Withered Heart ” has been accepted for publication in the Spring/Summer issue of ” Illogical Muse “, which shall retain first publication rights as of March 28, 2012.  Awesome.

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